Hey guys, so hopefully you're reading this forum thread after you read the poll on the discord server (you should probably read that first to participate in this poll). Anyways, here are the details:

Option A: Expand the world border when we update to 1.13
By using this option we would basically just wait until all of our plugins are 1.13 compatible and we're confident we won't lose any data when updating. There are both ups and downs to this option here there are:


  • Not quite as much work
  • We would be able to have 1.13 content on this server (explained in option B)


  • Would worsen our lag/tps problems
  • Would inflate the economy even more
  • Would require a long amount of time to test and update
  • Potential for data loss
  • Wouldn't get the full 1.13 experience (everyone already has every and more)

alternatively, we can do option B.

Option B: Expand into a server network.
By doing this we would basically link our current server with a hub server and a 1.13 survival server, we would link all the server chats and tabs together to keep the entire community together but give everyone what they want (some people want server resets, other people don't). This also has quite a few upsides. Ranks would transfer between servers but balances, items, worlds, and inventories would not.


  • Greatly improve our tps/lag on our current server (legacy)
  • Provide a fresh slate for those who want to start over
  • Have separate lag free servers to maximize performance
  • Much less of a chance for data loss
  • Opens doors for many new opportunities in the future
  • Keeps everyone's work on progress on one server so we still don't ever have to reset


  • Would be much more expensive
  • Would require much more staff members (not really that bad)
  • Would separate the player base a bit (we'd try and minimize this by connecting chats and tabs)

I think it's a bit obvious that Turttles and I are both leaning more towards option B, so we are a bit biased, but we still want the feedback from the community, after all, this server is made for you. Vote between these two options here: http://www.strawpoll.me/16131203