Hey guys! So recently we have been grinding out tons and tons of bug fixes, patches and content updates for you guys and I'd like to make a little recap of what has been done!

Crates Overhaul

So I don't think it's news that the crates on MCFriendly have been an eyesore and in desperate need of an update, and that's exactly what we did! All of the crates have been completely revamped and reorganized.

Here's a quick summary of what we did with the crates:

  • Removed the legendary crate
  • Color-coded rarity of rewards from most common to rarest (Worst to best: Gray, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow)
  • Added fully automated custom tags
  • Added custom Voter's armor (Gives the user special potion effects when worn)
  • Added custom Mythic+ armor (Gives the user special potion effects when worn)
  • Reworked the chances of certain rewards to make the crates much fairer

That about sums it up as far as the crates go, hopefully, you guys like these changes.

Updated Spawn

I don't think it was a secret that the spawn has been quite unorganized and hard to navigate especially for newer players, in this update we aimed to fix that by reorganizing and massively altering the spawn.

Here's a quick summary of what we changed in spawn:

  • Moved everything closer together
  • Cleared up the pathways to seem less cluttered
  • Relocated some areas (Like crates and the clocktower)
  • Re-did the information room
  • Re-organized the donation room
  • Cleaned up and decorated everything
  • Changed all of the bridges and island connectors
  • Reduced lag

Hopefully, these changes make the spawn much easier on the eyes and even easier to navigate for new and old players alike.

Summer Sale

We started the summer sale finally! Everything in the store is up to 35% off until August 1st, and all of the out-of-stock shop items have been restocked! Including the new crate keys! Also, prices of a few things have been lowered to be fairer :)

Anyways, we did quite a bit more smaller changes and fixes that don't require an entire recap on what has been done, so here is the tl;dr update log of everything that has been done:

  • Fixed custom tags
  • Fixed voting
  • Fixed referrals
  • Fixed slow mode
  • Fixed many typos
  • Fixed or disabled many exploits
  • Removed many abandoned player warps
  • Fixed some issues in the donation store (Including rankups)
  • Re-implemented custom tags to the donation store
  • Fixed a few economy exploits
  • Put the game difficulty to Hard mode
  • Added the /report feature
  • Revamped crates
  • Revamped the entire spawn
  • Added a bit more stuff to the donor shop
  • Reduced lag in spawn
  • And a few more minor changes/fixes...