(Image submitted and works created by Mindless_Thought)


How's it going everyone?! Just wanted to give another update here since it's been too long since our last official post! So sorry for that. As you can see from the image above we recently finished up a contest! This time, it was the Roller Coaster Building Contest (hosted by CatDanielle) and we had quite a few entries! Gotta give a quick thank you to all the contestants for taking your time to build these awesome creations and submit them. We hope you had fun! The three winners this time around were 1st: Mindless_Thought, 2nd: XKRX67, and 3rd: SilentPurrly. Congratulations to all the winners.

Moving on to new news and updates!


There will be a new spawn coming soon, and with it, a new pvp arena! This spawn has been built by myself (TheBigLlama) with a little bit of help from way too many people to name here, but you all know who you are and I wanted to give a personal thanks to ya'll for your input and thoughts while I made this. The reason that we are releasing a new spawn (again) is because the one we have currently is a bit overly-intricate and complicated. It's simply not user-friendly for the newer and possibly more inexperienced players. It seems there have been issues with people getting lost, becoming confused, totally bypassing the rules and important information boards, and overall just not really making use of everything that is at your disposal there. So, to help this I designed a much simpler spawn with a clean layout. No need to walk along a beaten down path and look for everything that you will need to know, it'll all be there plain as day to see! 


Recently, there have been quite a few issues concerning the previous pvp arena and we understand how frustrating this is. Due to a large number of suggestions and player feedback we have decided to hold another contest which will determine what the new pvp arena will be. You, the players, are going to be able to submit an arena of your own. That arena will then be judged and then voted upon. After all the submissions and votes are taken care of whoever comes out on top with the most votes will have their very own creation made into the servers public and permanent arena! But hey, don't get any funny ideas here and go start building an arena as soon as you read this post to get the jump on everyone else. We will be adding in some mandatory requirements and guidelines for these arenas! So, to those who might plan to start working prematurely, we recommend holding off until the official contest comes out with the requirements and guidelines for all entries. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair opportunity! Now, setting this all up and putting together everything is going to take some time so because of this we are going to release a temporary pvp arena when the new spawn rolls out so you can use that in the meantime. Just understand that it is completely temporary, so don't get used to it. You can expect the new spawn, shop and arena to come out sometime around the 27th. 


Right, so there have been a lot of requests to add things to the shop and donorshop. We hear ya! Quite simply, not all of your requests are going to be added because they aren't balanced or we don't want to make things too easy for you. However, while this may be the case, we will go ahead and add some things to the shop that we believe won't break the economy of the game and will still allow for a fair and balanced gameplay. This means all players, whether ranked (donator rank) or not, will be able to enjoy a few new items in the current shop. As a thank you, the donorshop will also be getting a few new items and trinkets to boost the value and gameplay of all those who have been kind enough to contribute to the server! Goodies for everybody! Now, if you've been paying attention, you might be wondering "but hey, aren't the donorshop and shop both a part of the current spawn?... and we are getting a new spawn... does this mean..." YES! We're going to be overhauling the shops as well. New look, new location, NOT new prices. Everything (for the most part) is going to stay the same in terms of value. However, things will be more organized and aesthetically pleasing. If you have any requests for items to be added to the shop please feel free to leave a comment on this post or dm me (_Llama#8873) on discord. Woohoo! 

Much love and see you all soon!