Hey everyone!

Let me just start off by saying we're very sorry about the recent issues the server has been having they are unacceptable and we are disappointed this happened. That being said however there is some good in this situation, the recent crashes we have been experiencing have exposed a few major bugs that the server has had - alot of these were mainly outdated, broken or incompatible plugins. Turttles and the rest of the staff team have been hard at work the past few days scrambling to fix as many of these issues as possible. At this current point in time everything should be working perfectly and there shouldn't be any unintentional server shutdowns now (keyword: shouldn't).

In other news now that the server is back a stable state, we have a large list of community suggested and staff suggested ideas that are in development so look forward to updates very soon!

Thank you all for being patient, and thanks for being such an amazing community!