Henlo stinkies!

Recently the staff team and I have been focusing on the optimizations of the server and the staff team alike, although we aren't allowed to share much of what's going on in terms of the staff team, I can tell you guys everything we've been cleaning up and getting done server-wise!

New PvP Arena

Finally, we've had a new spawn for weeks now without a pvp arena, I have finally put my nose to the grindstone and made a nice little arena, it's fully functional and doesn't have any exploits (that I know of), also, flight is disabled to make combat fairer. I didn't bother making it too big as we don't really condone pvp very much as it is so the pvp arena shouldn't be too big of a deal.

Resource World Removed

In an effort to fix the tps and crashing issues we have been having lately, we have decided that we should delete the resource world. The reasons behind this are as follows: It wasn't very popular, it didn't really serve any major purpose, and it was the source of a large portion of the servers entities and tiles (basically lagging the server). If you think that we should re-add the resource world don't hesitate to voice your opinion on the forums, we'd love to discuss this topic with you.

Monthly Nether and End Resets

If you have visited the events tab on the website recently you would have noticed that we are scheduled to reset the end and nether worlds on the first day of every month, so this is basically just a warning to those of you who have valuables in the nether or end worlds, they will be reset on the first day of every month so be prepared for that.

Well, that's about all the major things I wanted to mention, here is a full changelog on what was changed/removed/fixed:

  • Fixed a few broken vote links
  • Removed a few broken vote links
  • Added hundreds of new words to the reaction chat plugin
  • Optimized the clear lag plugin configurations
  • Entity purges happen slightly more often
  • Removed the resource world
  • Disabled multiple unused worlds
  • Purged multiple minor worlds of entities
  • Added a new pvp arena
  • Decreased the random teleport cooldown from 10 minutes to 2
  • Updated multiple plugins
  • Fixed a few bugs related to crates

In conclusion, we've been spending a lot of time on optimizing the server and cleaning things up to get ready for summer this year. Prepare for many more updates and new features in the near future. Have a good one everybody!