Hey guys!

So it's January 23rd and that means our cartoons themed pixel art contest is officially over! It's time to announce the winners:


  1. Pokemon_Lover77 - Pokemon map art entry (4 God keys, 30k & Spawn pixel art display reward!)
  2. Destroyer27 - Superhero battle entry (3 God keys & 20k reward!)
  3. Trickychan - Mew from Pokemon entry (2 God keys & 10k reward!)
  4. DarthVoider - Gravity falls entry (1 Legendary key & 5k reward!)
  5. Thames - Steven universe entry (1 Legendary key & 5k reward!)

Thank you to everyone for participating, if you didn't place in the top 5 you still earned $500 for giving it a shot!

Congratulations everyone!