Hey everyone!

So recently there has been a large wave of new players who usually only have the objective of trolling or being toxic in chat. Obviously, this isn't ideal for our server as we are based on being a friendly community. Also, we were already considering our warning system to be fairly unforgiving as the scale of punishments wasn't very linear and seemed to jump straight from small kicks to large bans. Because of these two reasons we decided to rework our warning system a little bit. So here is the new warning system:


  1. Kick
  2. 5-minute ban
  3. 15-minute ban
  4. 30-minute ban
  5. 1-hour ban
  6. 6-hour ban
  7. 1-day ban
  8. 2-day ban
  9. 1-week ban
  10. permanent ban

Hopefully, this new system is much more effective at punishing new trolls but also being lenient towards long-time members of our community. Let us know what you think about these changes, feedback is always appreciated!