Hello everyone! 

I wanted to release a quick update on what we've been cooking up in the kitchen =) 

So as you may know, we underwent two maintenance periods within this past weekend. The first one occurred on Saturday and the second occurred today. On Saturday, we ran into a few issues with disk partitions which resulted in us canceling the maintenance (after 3 or so hours of being down). Today we found success, however. I was able to correct the disk-space issues and easily do what needed to be done. You may be wondering exactly what we have been doing: We have now switched to a fully dedicated machine. This means we are not limited by a simple console / ftp webpage - we are able to fully manipulate our server in any way we'd like. Our server now runs on ~ 32GB (which some allocation thresholds) and 2TB of disk-space. What does this mean exactly? Well.. for starters - we will no longer have issues saving data to our disk, no matter the file size. We also should see an increase in our TPS, which just means the overall performance of our server. 

Though this seems good, we are still having a few issues which should be stomped out here soon. Currently our voting is down and there may be some users who have issues connecting to the server. If you are using our dedicated number IP, please switch to one of our 3 domains mcfriendly.us play.mcfriendly.usgo.mcfriendly.us. If you have issues using these domains, feel free to private message an administrator or myself on here or on discord. 

In summation: 

We have a bright future for MCF. We plan to keep growing and expanding. These hardware upgrades will allow us to keep adding more to the server without any issues. We hope to continually provide our community with the fun and friendly environment we have worked so hard to establish. 

Thank you to everyone for the continued support! Here's to many more! :)  <3