Change though tricky is for the best

As loyal players to MCFriendly, we are sure that you have noticed that there have been some issues, as well as some pretty significant changes on the server. Some of these you may have seen, such as staff resigning or promoted, others you may not have such as background work that has been done regarding getting things more organized and up to date.

We first want to say that you, our players are the most important, we wouldn’t be MCFriendly without some of the kind, generous players that frequent the server. It is because of you, and you alone that we enjoy coming on, talking with and playing alongside you.

One of the significant issues that we have experienced was the loss of player data and chunk errors. We have looked at multiple ways of fixing these problems without adversely affecting the server or the players. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful and has already caused us to have to reset the server. After the rest however it seems as though the issues are still affecting the server. Chunk errors are popping up, and players are losing data, and sometimes items that they had collected. We all understand the frustration that all of this causes. We know that so many of you have spent so much of your time and energy on your creations, and collections. We have, for some time been discussing what can be done to solve these issues so that they no longer affect you as the player. The solution that we have finally agreed upon is to do a full reset of the server once more.

We understand that this is a terrible thing to have to do, but to keep the server running and the players able to play without issue, this is the best way to accomplish this goal. There will be many questions regarding the reset, and the aim here is to answer the most common ones right off the bat. If there are other questions, please, by all means, post a response to this and one of the staff with get back with you. In addition to the server reset there will be some updates in regard to the rules, staff application process, and ban appeals process.

The reset for the server at this time will be Tuesday, October 31st

1: What will players be losing in the reset?
You will lose your sethomes, claims, MCMMO, money, items, and most other player data that you have collected. This reset is different than the last one as there will be no moving of objects or property. Every player will need to start over from the beginning. Claim blocks may not be lost in the reset; however, anything is possible so do be prepared for those losses as well just in case.

2: What will players retain?
Any player that was a donator will retain their rank and donor perks. Specific items such as claim blocks bought from the donation store should preserve as well but is not a guarantee. It is best that you take a screenshot of the balance of your claim blocks just in case so that you can provide this to an Admin for them to reimburse you if needed. You can pull up this information by using /claimslist and pressing F2 to take a screenshot. Please be sure that you have discord or some other way to show an Admin.

3: Does this mean MCFriendly is shutting down?
No. We have no plans to close the server. Our primary goal here is to get everything running smoothly and make the player experience all the better. We are not doing this because we don’t care, in fact, it is quite the opposite. We want to be able to provide a stable player environment so that you can all enjoy your time with us.

4: What will you, the player be reimbursed?
As we have mentioned, this is going to be a full, clean reset. Items, blocks, money, and levels that were obtained previously with MCMMO will be entirely lost this time around, and will not be refunded. There will be no special /kit, and every player will need to start from the ground up as if it were a brand new game on a fresh server. Donators will retain their donor status and perks. Claim blocks should not be affected, but these would be the only things that we would work on reimbursing if they are.

5: What if I save my home can I import it into the new world?
No. We do not want anything to cross over into the reset world that may affect it negatively. There were many issues with corrupted chunks and data that could not be cleared. Taking something from the old world into the reset one has the possibility for these issues to pop up again. The reset will be a complete one, nothing from the old world can or will be transferred to the new one.

6: Fine, you are resetting I’m just going to leave the server!
That is something that is entirely up to you, and we understand the frustration and aggravation that having to reset causes you. We obviously do not want to see any of you leave, after being here for so long and making our community what it is. We ask that you do try to find it in your heart to stick around and join us for this fresh start and new world. We can get through this together if you give it a shot. The staff team we have now is working hard together, and we feel that this is only going to move forward and create better play for all of you. If you do decide to leave, we will understand, and hope that at some time in the future, you find your way back to MCFriendly.

Resetting the server was not an easy decision for us to make. There have been many arguments and other options that we looked into in an attempt to avoid having to reset the server. We do believe that this is the best course of action and that in time we can take the server back to the beautiful MCFriendly place that it once was. Please note that this may be a bit of a bumpy road. There may be additional times that the server is down for maintenance as we work on getting things up and running completely again.

If you have additional questions, please respond to this post with them. Please, be respectful in your responses. Disrespectful, or troublesome responses will not be answered and will be deleted. We will answer as many of your additional concerns as we can.