Hey, everyone!

In this post, I'm going to be addressing the upcoming features and changes that we are planning to implement into the server in the coming days (as well as some stuff we've already done). So without further ado, here are some things we'd like to talk about:


So recently we added a new feature called "referrals". Basically, you can earn god keys for inviting your friends onto the server, all you have to do is invite a friend on, and when they join tell them to type /refer (your username) and that's it, +1 god key for you!

Custom Achievements:

Recently, custom achievements have been added to the server (/ach), currently there aren't too many custom achievements, but we're planning on adding tons more in the near future!

Player Warps:

Player warps are a highly requested feature that we've decided to begin working on, we're custom coding a system where players can buy a warp with in-game cash, or through donating. There will be no maximum limit to how many warps a player can have, but they are not going to be cheap. Hopefully, you guys are just as excited about being able to set up your own server landmarks soon as much as we are making this plugin!

Broken Crates:

Yes, we know the crates are broken right now, sometimes you don't get the correct amount of items when you win something in crates, but unfortunately, we have no idea what is causing this issue. Our configuration is set up completely fine and we are still unsure as to why this issue keeps happening. So, as of now, we've decided to move crates plugins to a new one. This is a very tedious process but will be well worth it in the long run. Crate loot will also be changed a little bit after this switch happens. Anyways, please be patient, we're working our hardest to get this done.

Staff Changes:

In another stage of solidifying and cleaning up our staff team, we've also organized quite a bit more. We're by no means perfect yet at all, but we've taken another step towards becoming as fluent and efficient as we can be by assigning rules and roughly deciding on how big decisions will be made.

The recent build contest:

I know, I know, the build contest was supposed to be over and the winners were supposed to be chosen on the 17th, however, we don't think there were anywhere near enough submissions for us to be able to call the contest a success or even say there was much of a competition at all. Because of this, we have two options: give out compensation prizes to participants, or extend the contest and announce winners at a later date. We're still talking about what will be done so please be patient about this, but we'll be sure to let everyone know about what's happening when we make a decision.

New Spawn:

Yes, we are working on a new spawn. We have no idea when it will be done, but we work on it almost every day, expect to see it before the end of this year!

We have a lot more stuff we are working on behind the scenes that we aren't quite ready to share yet, but keep checking back to the website to see if there is any new news about what is going on behind the curtains! Also, we're always open to suggestions and appreciate all criticism everyone has that can help improve the server, so feel free to make forum posts about ideas you have!

Thank you all for being such an amazing community! <3