Please don't Tl;dr this

I know it's hard to see through a computer screen but we are just people. We are students who spend 9 hours a day working towards our education to come back to working on a server that we are so passionate about. We pour our heart and soul into this server. Sometimes we make mistakes, like this one, but in the end, it's a learning experience. I apologize that this happened in the first place, but please try to realize that you're talking to a person.

Also, I want to thank those of you for being so supportive during this community crisis. You are the reason we love what we do and you're also the reason why we aren't giving up, we're going to continue working to improve the server and right our wrongs.

Again, thank you all so much for the opportunity to lead such an impeccable community. Although we are stressed, we are still devoted to continuing and improving the MCF server and community, again we have learned from our mistakes today and this will never happen again. Please don't let this crisis drive you away from our community.

The Administration