After deliberate months of planning(exactly 2), we have finally been able to release MCFriendly as a network. While it has taken us this two months to complete it, we are happy to say that it is ready. I am really so proud of what MCF has grown into, and it's thanks to those who have been able to support it in the year that it has been up. I truly do appreciate each and every person who is apart of our community and gives us the utmost support.

On a less sappy note: We are aware of the current TPS/lag issues on the existing Reborn server. We are still looking into what is causing it and the potential fixes to combat it. Thanks to Trickychan, we may be in the right direction to stablizing and optimizing Reborn.

As far as Legacy goes, we plan to have the 1.13 Legacy server rolled out during this upcoming weekend. We have a lot of special features planned so it may take a bit longer than we anticipate, but we will keep you posted. 

We are also still taking suggestion to what features should be added to 1.13. You can always create a new forum thread, or post them in our #suggestions channel on discord. 

Again, I truly appreciate each and every person who takes time out of their day to play and support our server. We plan to continually grow in light of our new network. 

*Side note: Staff applications ARE open, and we will be needing new staff due to the multiple servers. Feel free to create an application at any time =)