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In Game Name: furrybear_

Time of Ban/Warning: I'm not sure. I was offline when I was banned but I think it was some time in the past 24 hours. It was a permanent ban.

Staff Member Involved It was swifty that banned me.


So I realise I have a bad reputation on the server and many people probably do not like me. I was banned for player harassment although I wouldn't really say I was harassing anybody as I believe harassment means constantly messaging and teleporting to the same individual. I can probably agree that when I hung around somebody's base when they didn;t want me there is harassing and I apologise for that.

Online, I was perm muted and I just accepted it and did own thing. Worked on my base. At the time, I thought it was a good idea to /tpahere and hold tab then release it and whoever it landed on I just hit enter. I just /tpahere'd people by random to ask if they wanted a job. I paid people like 50k here and 100k there to do jobs. I now realise that this was not okay. After about 2 hours of working on things I got bored and I teleported to people by random and followed them just to see what they were doing. I am really sorry for this kind of behaviour and it will not happen again as I do not wish to banned again if I am unbanned.

I love this server very much and on the same day of being banned I upgraded my rank by 2 and bought a bunch of keys and custom tags. I am serious to play on the server and I am sorry for disrupting the peace. I regret how I have behaved and feel sad that it has left most people have a bad opinion about me. Which is fine. Please allow me to continue playing on the server with my server mute and I will not /tpa to people at random ever again. It is not my intention to make people hate me.

I had plans today to join online, make some much needed farms for my base and build. I promise to not /tpa at random when I get bored. I'll just log off instead. I am really sorry and do not want to be banned please. Even if you can reduce my ban from perm to temp, that'd be much appreciated. I truly love the server as it has decent plugins and a very nice community. A community which I trolled. Yes I was trolling in the early days of my time spent on the server however after having a talk with cellybear I have been following the rules to the best of my ability. I wasn't perfect, sure, but this time I will be perfect. I have read over the full list of rules and I have become familiar with them. I intend to follow the rules and not cause any more disruption on the server. I am really really sorry and regret being a nuisance. I am not a bad person.

Thank you for reading
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After talking with staff, you will be unbanned.

However, this is your last chance!

Any other actions on our server that violate our terms and/or rules will result in a permanent ban on all of our services.

Play nicely,

Posted Feb 12, 19