I have built a small town with two mountains connected man-made bridge. On the taller hill, the newer hill, has the town hall and the bank. The Bank Features a vault (Unseen to the normal town folk.) and two ender chest to act as ATMs. The Town hall has Two Boards. A Job and A Notice Board. They have town notices and jobs for the folk. There are some stairs that go up to the mayor's office/room. It has one desk with a window behind and to the left of the chairs near the desk are a bed, a shulker box for the town's document's n Stuff, and a chest for the mayor's personal stuff.

Crossing The bridge leads to the roots of the town. These incude the Storehouse, the Home Advisor Building, A Community Center, and a stair case leading down to a bunker zone. The Storehouse: Stores The Town's Materials and Supplies. Includes 5 Furnaces.
Home Advisor: Where new towns folk go to get a house for them self.
A Community Center: Main Thing is a Enchanting Zone. On the sides are, Community Tools, A Anvil, and a crafting table
Bunker Zone: Because we've decided to join the Union. (Please Read Dusty's Post On That.) We've turned part of a mine into a shelter.

If you go left of where you start, you will take a path that leads to the Pioneer Landing site (Read Dusty's post bout that)

I need people to join my little town. Check The Pwarp on the second Page. It's Called Mountain View. I'll backround check you with the admins, make sure you aren't any dang troll.

Jobs Wanted:
Home Advisor
Enchanter & Weapon smith

It's not that big of the town. We're located also near a swamp. We're planing for a post office
Also, Will you join the Union?